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This is where I’m looking to you gamers out there. Every one of you who isn’t currently on Xbox Live calling a stranger names, anyway. As Jay Smooth (another vlogger you need to be watching) eloquently put it in a recent video, asshole gamers are just afraid. They’re acting irrationally, and possibly most of all, they’re acting out of the desire to seem cool. When a guy makes the sandwich joke and gets a hearty guffaw from his bros, not only is he encouraged to keep it up, his bros will similarly bully women in an attempt to impress their peers. Where all of us come in is telling them that it’s not cool at all. Call people out on their bigotry. You will not be popular at first, but you’ll quickly find out who among your online peers are good people or not. Plus, as stated in the comic, speaking out against bullying has an added effect of showing the targets of bullying that the community is looking out for them. You never know how many people are hiding behind “broken mics” to avoid unwanted crap from internet crotchnozzles. Lets do it right and show the world what gaming is really about.

Maki Naro’s excellent commentary on the world of online gamers. Check out the comic itself here:
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